Attic Makeover

The dream of almost any woman is to have a makeup room. This is something that you have to find a special space for, which is not always easy to do. However, we have figured out a few ideas on how you can turn your attic into a gorgeous makeup studio.

If you want to get it done the right way, you should hire residential roofing and replace the roof if it’s damaged or repair it if possible. This is something that you should also do with windows, doors, floors, and walls because it is very important to have them in perfect condition if you want to continue with the project. You will need a lot of shelves and drawers, which you should choose based on the style that you are trying to achieve. If the attic is small, we would recommend a minimalistic approach and keeping things away from sight and organizing them into those drawers.

Residential Roofing


You can put your vanity desk and chair in front of the window because you will have natural lighting, which is the best possible thing. Decorate the beauty room with candles, fairy lights, and plants, and you can even create a table centerpiece or arrangement by placing perfume bottles and other luxurious items on it. If you want to make any bigger changes to the room, make sure you hire residential roofing to check if everything is in the right water so you can proceed with your plans.

It is fairly easy to make a beauty room out of your attic, you just need to have an idea to start with. Make sure you use every inch of the space and you can find inspiration online.