You Will Be Successful!

It’s a great time to start your own moving company. The economy is so bad, people are desperate for reliable movers and it seems like every week there is another person who jumps into the industry. But having more competitors doesn’t make thing better for you – in fact, you’ll have an even harder time competing against them if they’re already doing things right while you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry though! We’ve compiled this list of ten tips that will give you a head-start on becoming successful as an independent mover such as Oakville movers.

Research Your Competition Online

You might think that because nobody knows about your business yet (except maybe mom), research isn’t necessary but trust us — somebody who is in the business’s already in the industry will know your competition and they’ll be using these services to crush you.

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Gather Moving Supplies

You can’t offer moving services without equipment (although some companies do just that), so it’s important to get everything on this list as soon as possible: a truck, hand trucks, dollies, packing materials like boxes or bubble wrap and tape — if you don’t have an apartment of your own yet then ask around for items from friends who are leaving town; let them know how desperate you are!

Hire Help If You Can Afford It

If money is tight right now but there’s somebody willing enough to work long hours at minimum wage with no benefits then great – hire them! Just make sure that they’re aware of the hours they’ll be working, and that you can get enough work to keep them busy.

Keep The Customers Coming

Once your company is up-and-running it’s time to start marketing! This means a website, social media accounts with regular posts about new jobs, flyers at local apartment complexes – just make sure people know who you are and what your company offers so when they need help moving their stuff no matter where in town – for business or pleasure – they’ll remember yours.